Frequent Ask Question


1- How to inquiry about a custom design?

All you have to do is click on ‘Custom order’ page and then proceed to fill out the ‘Prom Dress Request Form’. Please be sure to enter in the proper information in order to not prolong a response.

2- Where are you located at?

We are located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

3- Where is Hermione’s Couture created?

Founded and created by Hermione Elma, Hermione’s Couture is designed, created, and finished in Palm Beach Beach, Florida. When you hiring us, you can rest assured that your sketch, pattern, and garment will always be over seen by an expert in the field, and thus, you should have no worry about how your garment will look when it is finished. It will be a high-quality garment made in the USA!

4- What is the price for your custom garments?

Prices vary. At the moment, our custom prom dresses, blazers and suits start at $ 300, it’s all depend on the fabric, style and detail.

5- How can a spot be reserved for 2018?

Space is limited for prom 2018. A consultation fee is required if you want to get a custom garment made, no matter if you do not reside in FL.(Our consultation fee is non-refundable). An appointment can be scheduled if you are able to travel to FL, in order to take measurements, show fabric materials and samples, and discuss all the details of yours dress. Remember that a 50% deposit is required in order for us to proceed with the creation of your custom garment. If you live outside of FL and not able to come to get measured, it is highly recommended that you obtain professional measurements.

6- May a spot still be reserved if one doesn’t know what to wear for prom 2018?

Yes, you may certainly reserve a spot. We just suggest that you ensure that your custom design order is accepted. If it is, we can begin the process and thus show you samples.

7- May I contact you via text or phone?

Yes, you may!

8- Does the price include the fabric, too?

Yes, the price includes the fabric.

9- What form of payment is accepted?

We accept debit cards, credit cards, and cash. Due to past fraudulent occurrences, we are currently not accepting checks.

10- Are payment plans available?

We accept a 50% deposit in order to begin the custom design. Once the garment is completed, the remaining 50% will be required.

11- May my dress be changed if order has already been submitted?

Changes can definitely be made, but keep in mind that the time frame of delivery established might change due to this change.

12- Can I trust your company?

Craftsmanship, honesty, experience, and professionalism are the four elements that describe the structure of our business. Every single detail is taken into account, no matter how small it is. You are more than welcome to follow us on social media to look at all the amazing work we have conducted, as well as to read all the testimonials that have been left by a lot of our clients. We strive every day to bring the best service possible, which is one of the main reasons why people keep coming back to us on a daily basis.

13- What is the number of fittings that will be required?

If a design requires a mock-up, a meeting will be scheduled for you to try it one. If a mock-up is not required, a meeting will be scheduled for you to try your garment. At this fitting, which usually takes approximately 15 minutes to 30 minutes, any alterations will be conducted so that you can rest assured that your dress will fit like a glove. If the fitting ends up taking more than 30 minutes, another fitting will be scheduled. You’ll now pay the remaining 50% and thus will be able to take your garment with you that same day. If you do not reside in FL, once your garment is finalized, the shipping process will take place.

14- Feeling nervous after submitting order? Thinking about how your dress is looking at the moment in the creation process?

We urge you to not stress about it! Your design is in good hands. We ensure you that we will deliver you a garment that reflects nothing less than excellence.

15- Can you make a dress that looks like the one in a photo?

We only accept photos to utilize as inspiration, as we do not copy the works of other designers. The final product will depend on different elements, including available material, measurements, and your body type. Remember that at Hermione’s Couture, you will receive a garment that is special, unique, and that fits you perfectly.

16- What exactly is Promzilla/Bridezilla?

A Promzilla/Bridezilla is an individual who is never pleased with any design that is presented, and thus, we prefer not to deal with this type of client.

17- Can the design be obtained for a cheaper price?

We do our best to provide first class craftsmanship on any design for the best possible price. There are different elements that go into creating a dress, and thus, if you are on a tight budget but you can afford it . . . why not? You are certainly worth looking your best for prom 2018!

18- Will custom design still fit me if I lose weight?

Yes, as we can make alterations. If possible, we suggest that your measurements remain the same size.

19- Why has the price changed on a custom design?

Due to availability, time, rush orders, or fabric cost increase, prices may change. Remember that if you want to get a good price quote, order early!

20- What if I’m plus size and resideout of state?

It doesn’t matter if you are a small or plus size, as we design custom pieces for anyone.

21- Is out of state shipping available?

We ship worldwide.

22- Order has been submitted and completed. How may I be featured on your social media?

All you have to do to be featured on our social media account is to send us images that are of high-quality and captivating… that’s all!